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Serial Killer and Baby Killer, Janie Lou Gibbs

Serial Killer and Baby Killer, Janie Lou Gibbs Janie Lou Gibbs murdered her husband, three children, and a grandson by poisoning them with arsenic so she could collect on the life insurance policies she had on each victim. Good Home Cooking Janie Lou Gibbs, from Cordele Georgia, was a devoted wife and mother who spent much of her free time giving to her church. In 1965, her husband, Marvin Gibbs died suddenly at home after enjoying one of Janies good home cooked meals. Doctors concluded an undiagnosed liver disease caused his death. An Act of Giving The show of sympathy to Janie Lou and her three children from the church was overwhelming. So much so, that Ms. Gibbs decided to give part of Marvins life insurance money to the church to show her appreciation for their stellar support. Marvin, Jr. With Marvin gone, Gibbs and her children pulled together but within a year tragedy struck again. Marvin, Jr. age 13 seemed to have inherited his fathers liver disease and after collapsing with severe cramps, he too died. Again, the church community came to support Gibbs through the painful death of her young son. Janie, overwhelmed with appreciation gave a portion of Marvin, Jr.s life insurance payment to the congregation. A Family Plagued How so much could go wrong with one family was hard to understand, but one could not help to admire Gibbs inner strength especially when just a few months later, 16-year-old Lester Gibbs began complaining of dizziness, headaches and severe cramping. He died before ever getting to the hospital. Doctors decided the cause of death was hepatitis. To Give Is To Receive With disbelief but with the usual sympathy and support, the church helped Gibbs through her terrible loss. Gibbs, now broken hearted with all that she had to endure in two years, knew she could never have made it without the support of the church, and again, offered a portion of young Lesters life insurance payment to them to help show her undying gratitude. Grandmother Janie Her last and oldest son, Roger, was married and the birth of his son, Raymond seemed to lift Janie out of despair. However, within a month both Roger and his perfectly healthy newborn son were dead. This time the attending physician asked for an investigation into the deaths. When the tests came back showing that Roger and Raymond had been given arsenic poisoning, Gibbs was arrested. Goodbye Janie Janie Lou Gibbs was found guilty of poisoning her family May 9, 1976, and received a life sentence for each of the five murders she committed. In 1999, at age 66, she received a medical release from prison because she was suffering from the advanced stages of Parkinsons disease. Source Murder Most Rare The Female Serial Killer by Michael D. Kelleher and C.L. Kelleher Schechter, Harold. The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers. Paperback, Revised, Updated edition, Gallery Books, July 4, 2006. Deadly Women - Discovery Channelï » ¿

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Atypical Behaviors Reflection Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Atypical Behaviors Reflection - Movie Review Example This fetish is perceived to be very weird because balloons are associated with children and, accordingly, people who literally love balloons can be treated as pedophiles (Nikolaj Rantala). Foot fetish is one of a kind of fetish where people are attracted by some body parts (Ryohey Sasagawa). This fetish is treated as abnormality because people rarely pay attention to feet when it comes to romantic relationships or attractions. They are more likely to seek people with certain color or hair or eyes. The Love Dolls video by National Geographic deals with one more abnormal sexual behavior where men almost fall in love with human-like love dolls. Men give names to their dolls, take care of them and treat them like people. All these fetishes look strange to me because they really challenge traditional understanding of sexuality. I grew up in a traditional family with totally conventional beliefs about sex and relationships. Balloon and love dolls fetishes look really strange because I simply cannot understand why people feel sexually aroused by things like dolls or balloons. Overall, perception of sexual abnormalities heavily depends on the person who judges what is normal and what is

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The mans effect on environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The mans effect on environment - Essay Example The man’s effect on environment This would restore the natural habitat of salmon, estuary and beaches because the nutrient rich sediments will flow downstream. It will prevent erosion and also would enhance the natural eco – system. In the case of water flow in Florida and the people can be affected by such projects. However, people need to take precedence for environment restoration because a responsible and intelligent we have the obligation to protect and preserve nature. If at all any destruction is caused to nature despite of the agent causing it we have the responsibility to take action to protect nature. My estimated greenhouse gas emissions are 15Â  tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents per year, which is below the U.S. national average. In order to limit our impact on environment we should use energy only for need basis. The lighting in the house needs to be efficient. The diet should contain less of meat products. It is essential to use less of vehicles for movement and the recycle products as much as possible. I need to use more organic food and should resort to vegetables and fruits. I need to switch to solar panels for fuel needs. One of the invasive species which is threatening is zebra mussels. It is a problem both in Unites States and Europe. Zebra mussel is a small fresh water mussel and was native to Southern. Russia. This species was introduced to many regions in West in unknown incidents. They are small in size and as they disrupt the ecosystem they are tagged as an Invasive species.

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A Brief History of Byzantine Art Essay Example for Free

A Brief History of Byzantine Art Essay Byzantine Art important pictorial Document St.mark’s basilica, Venice italy [pic] four co-emperor ruling plan called The Tetrarchy [pic] Cupola at the transept crossing [pic] The most famous of the surviving Byzantine mosaics of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople – the image of Christ Pantocrator on the walls of the upper southern gallery [pic] Miniatures of the 6th-century Rabula Gospeldisplay the more abstract and symbolic nature of Byzantine art. [pic] Frescoes in Nerezi near Skopje (1164), with their unique blend of high tragedy, gentle humanity, and homespun realism, anticipate the approach of Giotto and other proto-Renaissance Italian artists. [ [pic] Leaf from an ivory diptych ofAreobindus Dagalaiphus Areobindus, consul in Constantinople, 506. Areobindus is shown above, presiding over the games in the Hippodrome, depicted beneath. [pic] Mosaic from San Vitale in Ravenna, showing the Emperor Justinian and Bishop Maximian of Ravenna surrounded by clerics and soldiers [pic] Mosaic from the church of Hagios Demetrios inThessaloniki, late 7th or early 8th century, showingSt. Demetrios with donors [pic] Helios in his chariot, surrounded by symbols of the months and of the zodiac. From Vat. Gr. 1291, the Handy Tables of Ptolemy, produced during the reign of Constantine V. [pic] An example of Macedonian ivorywork: the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, now in the Bode Museum,Berlin [pic] The Annunciation from Ohrid, one of the most admired icons of the Paleologan Mannerism, bears comparison with the finest contemporary works by Italian artists [pic] Modern Orthodox mural from Israel using a depiction of the Nativity of Christ little changed in over a millennium [pic] Byzantine Manuscripts (sixth to 15th century) In the Byzantine Empire, another tradition of manuscript illumination emerged. The most influential characteristics of Byzantine manuscript painting were the abundant use of precious metals, especially gold; the choice of bright colors; and the use of empty space, often filled with gold leaf, as background. Byzantine illumination was frequently devoted to narrating biblical stories. Styles of depicting the human figure varied in Byzantine art over the centuries. Sarcophagus St.peter [pic] The so-called Gothic chieftain, from the Mosaic Peristyle of the Great Palace of Constantinople [pic] Saint Peter mosaic from the Chora Church [pic] A pre-Iconoclastic depiction of St. Demetrios at the Hagios Demetrios Basilica in Thessaloniki. [pic] The mosaics of St. Marks Basilica in Venice [pic] mosaic in San Vitale in Ravenna [pic] Byzantine mosaic in Ravennas Basilica di SantApollinare in Classe [pic] Latin cross plan A view of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul [pic] Location within Turkey Istanbul [pic] Interior view of the Hagia Sophia, showing Islamic elements on the top of the main dome. [pic] Stone remains of the basilica ordered by Theodosius II, showing the Lamb of God [pic] Construction of church depicted in codex Manasses Chronicle (14th century) [pic] Groundplan of the Hagia Sophi

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Katherine Anne Porter Essay -- Authors Writers Biography Essays

Katherine Anne Porter Katherine Anne Porter was born on May 15, 1890 in Indian Creek, Texas. Her mother died when she was two, and she was raised by her father and her paternal grandmother, who assumed the role of Katherine’s mother. Her formal education consisted of convent schools and ended after a year at the Thomas School in San Antonia when she was fifteen. A year later, only sixteen years old, Katherine ran away and married her first husband, John Henry Koontz. Lasting nine years, this was the longest of her three marriages. She left Texas and her husband in 1913 to become an actress in Chicago, and tow years later she contracted tuberculoses. It was upon her recovery that she decided to become a writer. She became a journalist for the Fort Worth Critic in 1917 and then, a year later, joined the staff of the Rocky Mountain New in Denver. It was her subsequent move to Greenwich Village, though, and the influence of its artistic environment, which led Porter to pursue serious fiction writing (w What is commonly considered the first stage of Porter’s literary writing occurred from 1920-1931. During this time Katherine spent many years in Mexico and became involved in Mexican politics and culture. Although Katherine spent no more than a total of three years in Mexico, they provided important material for her writing, most significantly the three short stories â€Å"Maria Conception† (1922), â€Å"The Martyr† (1923), and â€Å"Virgin Violeta† (1924), all of which were published in Century magazine, and which comment on the Obregon Revolution and the theme of betrayal (Unrue, 22-23). These stories helped to further immerse Porter into literary and intellectual circles. In 1930 Flower... self-motivated, without the author’s omnipresence. She has been called â€Å"a maker of darkish parables for her treatment of individuals who are impoverished by the modern environment and also for her use of the themes of guilt, isolation, and spiritual denial. Bibliography Brinkmeyer, Robert H. Katherine Anne Porter’s Artistic Development. Louisiana State University Press; Baton Rouge and London, 1993. Hendrick, George. Katherine Anner Porter. Twayne; New York, New York, 1965. Unrue, Darlene Harbour. Understanding Katherine Anne Porter. University of South Carolina Press; Columbia, South Carolina, 1988. . 02/24/04 . 02/224/04 . 2/23/04 . 2/22/04

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Looking for Alabrandi and the Simple Gift Essay

Good morning teachers and fellow students. The idea that we continue on as we are: unchanged, unchanging is unbelievably illogical. In a time and world where things are constantly changing, it is impossible to be in existence without being affected by the process of change. Changes are inevitable, and they are happening everywhere around us. This idea is portrayed in the Prescribed film â€Å"Looking for Alibrandi† and my ORT The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick. The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances if there is a reaction, both are transformed. This quote by Psychologist Carl Jung is clearly evident in both texts looking for Alibrandi and The Simple Gift. During the opening scene of the film looking for Alibrandi there is a Qantas plane taking off or departing likewise in the Simple Gift the symbol of Change is more dramatic with Billy illegally riding the freight train out of town; he is unsure where he will end up. This is very contrasting to the symbolism of leaving in looking for Alibrandi where Josie believes she knows exactly what she wants to do, where she wants to go and who she wants to marry. Josie Meets Jacob Coote from cook high at a public speaking event, the two have an instant reaction it could even be described by chemical. Josie and Jacob are portrayed as opposites Josie’s believes that she is better than Jacob. When the Sydney schools have the first social event of the year Josie looks to John Barton (the son of the national liberal party leader) But john never asks her it is Jacob that asks her to dance, Jacob Says â€Å"It’s a pity you’re not school captain we could have been perfect† this highlights that Jacob is aware of Josie’s views towards him. In The Simple Gift Billy’s life changes significantly, as does Old Bill’s. When readers first get to know Old Bill, the technique of recounting is used as we learn why he is a homeless man. When Billy enters Old Bill’s life, he is prompted to change the way he lives. At first, Old Bill opposes these changes, as he swears â€Å"piss off kid†. He then begins to accept the changes as we observe him getting up early, having showers and quitting drinking. Old Bill’s attitudes towards change develop through the novel and by the end, he looks forward to change as he deals with his past When Billy first becomes homeless I believe that this moment is the catalyst for change in Billy’s life. Billy meets many challenges in this new place, such as where to sleep and where to find food. He meets these challenges head up, as he is determined to enter this new world and make a new life for himself. He sleeps in an old train carriage, and most of his meals are scraps from McDonalds. His attitude towards this change is enthusiastic and he feels that this change is beneficial for him. Josie meets thernominal challenges also with the death of John Barton, Josie’s world is thrown into turmoil and Josie seeks answers as to why someone like John Barton with all the things he had going for him would commit suicide. And asks the rhetorical question â€Å"I wonder what his parents will do with the sheets, will they throw them away or will they scrub and scrub so that they can always sleep on them.† Josie is in an emotional state for quite a while. One day on the train Josie and Jacob cross paths and Josie has a break down, Jacob comforts her. I believe that this is the catalyst of change for Josie between her and Jacob. Josie’s Initial reaction to her father Michael Andretti coming back into her life was nothing short of her dismissing him as a useless selfish object. This is parallel with the reaction of Billy towards his father. This is supported by the extracts ‘soulless tyranny’ of â€Å"the old bastard’ his father. This technique of expletive language is used to depict the poor relationship he shared with his father. I believe that Josie chooses to have a positive relationship with her father when she calls him after Josie hits Carly with one of her ancient history textbook. Michael gets Josie out of trouble at school and also changes Josie’s perception about fathers Josie now believes that fathers have a use, she is also growing quite fond of her father. Josie now stays at her father apartment on Sydney harbor on most weekends and enjoys spending time with her father. In the closing scene of the film it is exactly one year later on tomato day again and the picture quality is a lot sharper this conveys that Josie is clear about her decision to be there and even invites her friends over this time. The key idea conveyed in both â€Å"Looking for Alibrandi† and â€Å"The simple Gift† is quite nicely summed up by â€Å"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances if there is a reaction, both are transformed† this is clearly evident in both with Josie’s relationships with Jacob Coote and her father Michael Andretti and Also for Billy with his relationships with Old Bill and Caitlin.

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The Human Nature and Free Will - 848 Words

The term â€Å"human nature† is vague and very broad, giving many philosophers the opportunity to try and apply a meaning to it. Throughout history, theories have ranged from having complete free will as a gift from God to having no human nature at all. Two particular theories that I’d like to analyze are Sigmund Freud’s psychological view and Aristotle’s ethical view. Although both Freud and Aristotle believe that the mind plays a key role in human nature, they differ in that one believes that there is no complete rationality while the other believes that rationality is our natural function. Sigmund Freud, one of the most well known psychologists to this day, was known as the â€Å"Father of Psychoanalysis†. The main focus of psychoanalysis was†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"A theory which is not refutable by any conceivable event is nonscientific. Irrefutability is not a virtue of a theory (as people often think) but a vice.† Karl Popper said this in an excerpt from his book Conjectures and Refutations. What he means by this is that if a psychoanalyst is not able to come up with an experiment to challenge the plausibility of the theory, then it can’t be tested and therefore cannot be a scientific theory. One flaw in this theory is that Freud suggests that all children go through developmental stages that determine who they are as adults. The Oedipus and Electra complex are a major part of these stages and states that a boy will want to be with his mother sexually and a girl will develop what is known as â€Å"penis envy†. I, for one, can say that I’ve never had this happen to me and feel as though this can’t be said for all children, but more so for a select few that don’t have the same family structure as the majority. Also, Freud claims that we use â€Å"repression† as a defense mechanism to bury away terrible experiences and memories, but usually when a distressing event happens to someone they tend to remember it quite vividly. An example would be the death of a loved one or parents getting divorced. Surely a person is bound to remember such events and won’t forget about the any time soon. In response to this objection, one might say that thisShow MoreRelatedGrace, Free Will, and Human Nature: Three Significant Renaissance Writers1630 Words   |  7 Pagesof an ever-expanding population of the literate. With this widespread intellectual excitement came greater individualism, more celebration of human achievement, and stronger focus on the secular world—a major shift from the heaven-focused outlook of the Middle Ages, in which people felt they were little more than the feeble playthings of fate. But are human beings really able to change their destinies through their choices? Are they capable of good? Three significant Renaissance writers—MachiavelliRead MoreHuman Nature: A Compilation of Many Definitions975 Words   |  4 PagesHuman nature is a widely controversial term, because it is so broad. Philosophers, writers, and thinkers throughout time have debated exactly what â€Å"human nature† refers to. Locke, Rousseau and Freud have very differin g opinions on human nature. Although in some cases, they seem to contradict each other, the core roots of these three opinions can actually fit together to form a well-rounded definition of human nature: Humans are free at birth, with just primitive, instinctual needs, free to take justiceRead MoreFree Will Essay example1168 Words   |  5 PagesFree Will I want to argue that there is indeed free will. In order to defend the position that free will means that human beings can cause some of what they do on their own; in other words, what they do is not explainable solely by references to factors that have influenced them. My thesis then, is that human beings are able to cause their own actions and they are therefore responsible for what they do. In a basic sense we are all original actors capable of making moves in the world. WeRead MoreSatan Greatest Battlefield and God’s Greatest Glory1450 Words   |  6 Pagesblatant act of human nature that collided with Christian spirituality, morality and integrity. This sermon attempts to explain to us why humanity turns inward against itself when faced with our own human nature. Let us first start with a generic definition of human nature. Merriam/Webster dictionary describes as human nature; A ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that are common to most people: the nature of humans; especially: the fundamental dispositions and traits of humans. Wikipedia describeRead MoreAnyone Who Thinks That They Have Free Will Is Out Of Their Mind995 Words   |  4 Pagesthinks that they have free will is out of their mind.† James: â€Å"Really? What do you call free will?† Spinoza: â€Å"The decisions that we believe we make as human beings.† James: â€Å"I make decisions every day.† Spinoza: â€Å"The reason you believe you make your own decisions is merely because you are conscious of what you are doing and not aware of the causes that determined your actions.† James: â€Å"I disagree with this statement. You see, we all have what I call options. And this ‘free will’ as you call it wouldRead MoreNature Vs Society : Society Vs. Society728 Words   |  3 Pagesconfronted with the idea of nature along with society. Although both have their pros and cons they work together to give us freedom and order among individuals. Society provides a person with comfort and clarification, however it is nature that allows a person to escape the boundaries created and truly be theirself in a free experience, which causes a person to live a life with their own will. Within the poems of Walt Whitman he discusses the significance between society vs nature. In the poem When I heardRead MoreThe Enlightenment View of Human Nature Essay1096 Words   |  5 PagesThe Enlightenment View of Human Nature The above issue shows ‘Access the enlightenment view of human nature. What are the wider implications of different concepts of human nature?’ I have citied the main principles of this discussion and I have understood the facts and yet there is so much so depends on our conception of human nature. In individuals the meaning and purpose of our lives and what we ought to do or strive for, which may hope to achieve or even to becomeRead More Rousseau, Hobbes, and Locke : Interpretations of Human Nature 1593 Words   |  7 PagesIt has been our human nature that has kept us intrigued with ourselves, and our relationships with others. With this curiosity came various interpretations as to our human nature, each changing the way we see the societal world we live in. With each interpretation came a new understanding of people and the relationship they hold with each other. Human nature has been one of the most studied elements of the world we live in. From our nature came the interest of how we as humans interact with eachRead MoreJohn Locke And John Chaffees Theory Of Philosophy1443 Words   |  6 PagesPhilosophy is defined as the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. It has been studied by well-known philosophers such as Aristotle, John Locke, and David Hume. Aristotle is famous for his belief in the golden mean which is the Greek philosophy believing in the desirable middle between two extremes. John Locke developed his own theory of mind, which is often mentioned as the origin of modern conceptions of identity and self. Philosophers over the stretch of timeRead MoreFree Will Vs. Determinism1349 Words   |  6 Pageshave been questions regarding free will and determinism. Free will is a human value that has inspired many individuals throughout history. These concepts of free will and determinism have inspired many poets, spiritualist, philosophers, and activist. There have been numerous philosophers who believe free will is a part of our human nature, and are continually questioning the concept of free will, constantly attempting to understand its true meaning. In contrast to free will, there is determinism,